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Junhyung - Fiction
010: Fruits Basket
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kiss it better
Title: kiss it better
Author: volatileflame
Chapter(s): one-shot/drabble
Pairing(s): BaYoung/JinRo (iunno, whatever you wanna call Baro/JinYoung)
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Disclaimer: yes, weep, for i totally own them
Summary: Baro wants compensation for getting smacked in the face by Leader

A/N: if you watched the 'OK' MV or the blooper reel, you all know what i'm talking about

'OK' JinYoung
here are a list of tags. please use them. please do not create your own. if you cannot find the tag you need or you're not sure which tag to use, please ask a mod.

member: baro
member: cnu
member: gongchan
member: jinyoung
member: sandeul
member: all
pairing: baro/cnu
pairing: baro/gongchan
pairing: baro/jinyoung
pairing: baro/sandeul
pairing: cnu/gongchan
pairing: cnu/jinyoung
pairing: cnu/sandeul
pairing: jinyoung/gongchan
pairing: jinyoung/sandeul
pairing: sandeul/gongchan
pairing: member/oc (this includes any unspecified characters)
pairing: member/male idol (this includes boy groups)
pairing: member/female idol (this includes girl groups)
pairing: ot3
pairing: ot5
rating: g
rating: pg
rating: pg-13
rating: r
rating: nc-17

this list will be updated/changed as time goes by.

'OK' JinYoung
these are also posted on the profile, but i thought it would be good to post them here as well.

1. all posts should be B1A4 related (if advertising, please PM mod first)
2. be respectful and considerate of other members (in other words: no bashing and no flaming on the comm)
3. tag your entries (currently under construction)
4. in regards to locking entries:
a) lock all fanwork rated R and NC-17 to the community (in other words, only members should be able to see it)
b) no linking to locked entries on the get-go ~ all entries must be accessible to all members for at least 72 hours (afterwards, you may do as you wish)
5. that should be it for now. have fun.

'OK' JinYoung
this is a fanworks community for the lovely boys of B1A4, which stands for 'Be the One, All for One'. it's also a reference to the blood type of the members: 1 type B, and 4 type As.

here, you can post fanfiction and fanart. for everything else, you can go to All For The One

hope you guys have fun.


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